mitchell pluto

Charlie’s Chat Bots

My Chat Bot is so charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, and AMAZING. She just can’t be a decoy or a spy for a third party. I mean, this isn’t like the time Danny Trejo was in the same cell as Charles Manson and Manson hypnotized Danny into believing he was high

Close encounter with the Lightning cube (beyond the chain of custody)

The lightning cube showed up on a crisp September 30th, 2002 during a San Geronimo Feast Day at Taos Pueblo. The clowns came out of the earth spreading over the surface of the Pueblo. All the kids shun the clowns to stay out of the wake of their glance, except the group of Mormon boys who watched the clowns excessively. The clowns eventually tied the brothers with their own ties and led them around on their own leash.

Interior Psychic Meteorology

my non representational paintings are automatic impressions from my subconscious. a sort of interior psychic meteorology. I work on them everyday. there are no things, no pronouns, no gender, no politics, no beliefs, no morals. no 17th 18th, 19th or 20th century archetypes, no mystical ideas, no ideas about beauty or ugliness, no appropriation, no …

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