Buried Painting

Harvesting a buried painting from the earth in late October 2023. oil/collage/bone

the imagined belief interrupts the critical factor

official technocrats announced Monday

that holography can work on what you already paid for

…but you know how that goes

holography sounds a lot like

bending a staff into waves

I’m more interested in the laser

the Zia

that doesn’t encounter a time barrier or any irrelevance

surrounded by dated marks

it is melody and musical notation

hear a tune play about shifting the strain in forms

edges and interior angles melt

motion flooded gliding parts

burying older gadgets

add another page and layer to the landfill

another brief still life surface spoiled

oracles from the underworld tell us the future will be claimed by an unidentified cosmic object

so meet the smartest item that answers and restricts further editing

an open object without vain intention and meddling interpolation

while equipment that silently lacks possessiveness

lays cradled in dirt that grows

© Mitchell Pluto 11/4/2023

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