x factor

no matter how you spin it
the X will land on four paws
black cat prints on white dice every time
I don’t know if mad scientists will bring the mammoth…
back in time
what a strange phrase
the factor x in time
cross roads
no top, bottom or side
some may defend that there is a timeless duration
besides the pan-Native hoop dancer
like Plato over laying congenital malformations
with rates of metal
to form a New Atlantis
and sky scrape over Cahokia
most of us missed that show with the hoop
instead the game was on
the match between colors
red and blue
most stood for it
with their hand over their cardiovascular system
ritual pledges of commitment
under one body
to support
being lied too…
in this case it’s getting soggy up north
they found the link in 2013
Homo naledi
we are all related but
people will act surprised
when no one arrives to solve the problem
another 120 degree day

©Mitchell Pluto 11/14/2023

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