Ossification of the Moon Oracle

Ossification of the Seven Horn Oracle. 18inx24in recycled art work into collage. Based on Sefkhet-Abwy

written by Mitchell Pluto© February 28, 2021

Painting is a séance with one’s self, it’s a mediumship that dowses for pathways in the collective unconsciousness. All my writing is speculation, observational study and a visualization exercise in words.

Sefkhet-Abwy is Djehuty’s counterpart. Djehuty being commonly referred to by the Greek name Thoth, the ibis headed or beaker moon god. It is unclear how Sefkhet-Abwy fits in the triangularly with Ma’at, who is Djehuty’s actual wife but this is how it is recorded c. 3150 – c. 2613 BCE. Regardless both Djehuty and Sefkhet-Abwy were responsible for weight and measure. It is paramount to notice a woman as an accountant for the passing days. The proof being menstruation is based on a cycle.

Merkhet an astronomical timekeeping instrument

I found Sefkhet-Abwy was also called the Mistress of the House of Architects. This would be noteworthy to understand and explore metaphorically. Symbolically Sefkhet-Abwy’s use of a cord functioned umbilically to connect sacred alignments while surveying land. This cord was knotted to create a measuring rope used in the Stretching the Cord ceremony. Part of the ceremony was finding a square in space.

Stretching the Cord ceremony

There is so much to write about the meaning of the Stretching the Cord ceremony but I’ll reserve it. I recommend the reader look more into these things. The compass rose, geometry and even ornithomancy as flight patterns become more meaningful.

A Surveying Groma. A tool used to find a square in space

The name Sefkhet-Abwy which means either seven-horned or Safekh-Aubi she who wears horns, horns being plural without specific number. Relying on the reliefs, there are seven horns and a long horn creating eight. There is also an arch U-shaped indentation that encases the bone star design

The bovine horn (antler) theme and the bow can easily flow into the crescent moon symbol, both for agriculture and hunting purposes. There is also a leopard skin worn by Sefkhet-Abwy that represents the universal sky with the spots being points. If we travel 3,057 miles east from Egypt (on land) we can find the Hindu deity, Shiva who also has a moon crescent on his forehead and leopard skin. Shiva hangs out with cattle too

Star of Lakshmi and eight moon phases. The number Seven can escort us into all sorts of associative meanings. One being a version of the menorah whose limit at the time would stop at Saturn and the seven seas. Another being the period of seven days.

Maybe the gravity of the moon and earth help influence the framework of collagen and calcium phosphate. My impression of the horns led me to believe the ossification of cattle horns may have had some kind of relationship with the eight phases of the moon.

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