Balancing the Sympathy of the Magnetosphere, Theurgy

Balancing the Sympathies of Magnetosphere Theurgy, mixed media

written by ©Mitchell Pluto March 3, 2021

There is a guiding light. A path towards a healthier and more compassionate self. It is a star self, a light held together by it’s own gravity. It is easily understood by all cultures that the brain responds well to a deity related to light (or weightlessness)

Weighing of the heart from The Book of Coming Forth by Day

In Vajrayana Buddhism, a Yidam is a symbol used as a vehicle to help understand inner space by visualization. There are other reflective symbols similar to Yidam’s that are associated with the Russian Eastern Orthodox icons. These are paintings on wood of saints that have a thaumaturge effect which is a type of gravitational healing power on the viewer. More devices include the Dine sand paintings and the Vèvè of Vodun. These are all ways to connect to planetary influences to empower a practitioner’s use of managing gravitational forces as remedies.

Dine Healing Sand Painting

Aspirations towards well being of others and one’s own health are universally accepted as a mature and worthwhile intention. A devoted routine of concentration on any symbol, any deity or any word can generate a magnetic relationship. This friendly association with a visualized goal opens one up to a field of force. Purified to the bottom line this magnetic relationship involves imagining a future self that provides guidance to a present self.

Cabala Chemica Volume VI Theatrum Shemicum, Hamburg 1659

Astrology is based on electromagnetic waves that influence the micro gravity the will has over a mind. These bestowing waves, like Venus for insistence, highlights the quality of value in things. This why Venus traditionally represented love. The planet Mars preforms well by enduring time with patience while the worst traits of Mars always involve impatience. Mercury facilitates all transmission, communication and reception. Saturn constitutes darkness to manage overexposure by dividing light into pace and degrees. Jupiter over expands and discloses information without limitation. More recently discovered planetary aspects were consolidated as aspects of Saturn to ancient people.

Planetary Magic Square, Mercury the Chess Board

Uranus creates unexpected and extraordinary designs in stable patterns and changes those patterns. Neptune react to data concerning fluctuations and pressure of boundaries. This wavering line places experience between knowledge and belief. Pluto is a influence that polarizes an experiencer’s interpretation of surface and light. This enables further inquiry into truths about the collective unconscious and the self. These are the magnetic forces of nature

These transmitted experiences add to our brains growth to become fully self aware and create it’s own program. Most likely a program that follows the operations of practicing the best relationships with all beings.

Example of a Ley line/Dragon line

Certain locations on earth have more concentrated telluric hot spots that can enhance astrological transits. These powerlines are called ley or dragon lines. Focusing attention or enacting a seasonal play on these lines can have a strong impact on the experiencers awareness.

this speculative writing is not intended to officially represent the views of any group or religious institution.

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