The Jewelry of Gypsy Moon Designs

Jewelry is about enhancing appearance. In ancient times jewelry was designed to be magical and emblematic. Jewelry allows me a channel to express my creativity and earn a living.  

Rustic Patina Earrings GypsyMoonDesigsn

My wife began GypsyMoonDesigns in 1995 in Taos, New Mexico. She developed an online presence in 2008. We worked separately and together to further our goals while doing different things. Thanks to a supportive community in Missoula, Montana we were able to fully consolidate our effort to make GypsyMoonDesigns a full time gig.

Fertility Goddess necklace Patina GypsyMoonDesigns

In 2012 I joined GypsyMoonDesigns and in 2018 I started experimenting with torch fire enamel. Making objects of beauty for women has been a healthy avenue for me. I’m in the background while my wife does the public relations end. This works well for me being backstage making jewelry.

Portal to the Eleusinian Mysteries Necklace Mitchell Pluto

Our range of choices include conventional, original and limited edition designs. I enjoy making original designs are because they follow an idea I have been researching. These designs being more exploratory and avant-garde take more time to find the right person out of our customer base than the conventional designs.

Assortment of GypsyMoonDesign Patina and Copper Enamel Jewelry

Our name Gypsy Moon Designs refers to a nomadic and artisan sensibility. My wife used her Sagittarius Moon from her own astrological chart to add to the name. A further interpretation would describe the lunar aspect guiding our inspirations at different phases on the road.

Moon with branches

Our two main primary choices we offer is Patina Jewelry and Copper Enamel Jewelry. The Patina Jewelry is a process of antiquing a variety of charms. Some examples of these themes include animal totems, goddesses and Moroccan inspired designs.

Boho Necklace pendant necklace. Moroccan style GypsyMoonDesigns

The Copper Enamel Jewelry is hand cut and processed entirely by hand. The colors are layered and painted by torch fire. Some themes include a limited edition line I call Tribal Space earrings that share a collective pattern found in all ethnicities. Other motifs are more natural and universal like our tear drop and leaf earrings.

Copper Enamel Limited Edition Leaf Earrings with Tribal Space Earrings

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