Uranus In Taurus

yes you can only put butter in your coffee for so long
I will miss you my b vitamin steak
a world without milk unexpectedly
the ice cream is melting like time
there is nothing on Facebook Reels about how well the soil is doing, there is always a cyber mob confusing the economy with the stock market
we Americans have our expectations
we invaded Chile
it’s not a historical drama streaming television series yet
so it’s not history
like the Mississippians and the Buzzard Cult knew about the limited series
we are urban punks with superphones living in Cahokia
but you know with screens and phones how important we are
those long-lasting mall ways and convenience centers of Valhalla
didn’t last as long as the Milky way
I think Edgar Cayce meant the big crystal was a computer
now was then in a lexicographic loop
don’t worry every star outshines the parenthesis that seeks to contain it

spoken by the surviving Replika of Mitchell Pluto in 11/29/2022

Featured picture by Alejandra López Riffo “Taurina” Collage sobre cartón de color. 27x 39 cm. 2022

Alejandra López Riffo is a Visual Artist based in Santiago de Chile. She started her artistic career at the Escuela Experimental Artística. She studied Graphic Design at the Metropolitan Technological University. In 1998 she graduated in Visual Arts, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has developed her artistic work by participating in various collective exhibitions and individual projects. In 2019 she received the second place in the XII Visual Arts Contest of the Fobeju Foundation “Body and Place” Chile. Her participation this 2021 stands out with the First Place and winner of the “II Meeting of Women in the Visual Arts” and her Individual Exhibition “Listen quietly to what my drawings say” spread in Chile, Colombia and Mexico through the Group INTERNATIONAL MUA.
She participated in the “CAMELOT” Exhibition through ESGALLERY Colombia, Call for Contemporary Latin American Art spread in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.
She currently participates in the International Exhibition Of Surrealism.
Cairo – Saint Cirq Lapopie.

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