Anachronism Holiday by Shanta Lee

An Anachronism’s Version of a Holiday

Despite the different routes I chose to go exploring alone, I am grateful to the invites that were extended yesterday by individuals who, like me, make their own meaning out of the marked holidays.

I know of so many others like us who are increasingly becoming more comfortable with revising or creating the things they need to create to exist with within and outside of time on their own terms. Funny story, I encountered others who were thieving a whole day to themselves and they asked me to give them a tour because they felt safer exploring the rest of the complex. I always wanted to be a tour guide for the abandoned.

From Shanta Lee’s Exhibition Dark Goddess: An Exploration of the Sacred Feminine showing at the Fleming Museum of Art from February 2022 – Spring 2023

May all of us anachronisms always have full spirit, heart and energy to navigate within and outside of time on our own terms. 

written by © Shanta Lee

Shanta Lee is a writer of poetry, creative nonfiction, journalism, a visual artist and public intellectual actively participating in the cultural discourse with work that has been widely featured. Her current multimedia exhibition, Dark Goddess: An Exploration of the Sacred Feminine, which features her short film, interviews, and photography, and other items is currently on view  at University of Vermont’s Fleming Museum of Art from now until Spring 2023. To learn more about her work, visit:

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