The Passing Sphere Carlos Alberto Lizama Peña


wet and quiet land
wait in the wind
the worm coils
and swallows the shape of the lips

close the shadow
and the marrow
and the bone
they are disturbed in deep roots
they take silence from the air
through places without names

covered with earth
white skeleton
encephalitic mass
white and purple meat
rests in an old and busted drawer

the arteries return
with the sound of the rivers

a body stopped and without time

dressed for an end
shoes shined by a loved one
mouth sealed with glue
the neck covered by a silk cloth

smell of flower crowns
the urn is sober
no religious symbols
the drawer is an astral elevator that goes out to say goodbye
It’s open
and I look at the faces that cry

truce and no drawer
they have left me on the table for autopsies

Illustrations/written by ©Carlos Alberto Lizama Peña

Carlos Alberto Lizama Peña is a prominent Chilean Visual Artist has stood out in various national and international exhibitions, currently works and develops his work as a cultural and educational manager in the House of Culture of the Commune of El Bosque.

Co-executor in the FONDART Project “Open Sky Gallery South Zone Cultural Corridor “Work Production Workshop Coordinator”. March – September 2008
Mosaic Art Mural Program, El Bosque, Artistic Director, December 2006-February 2007
Murals Program on Facades of Villa la Pradera and Villa San Fernando, Quilicura, December 2006-January 2007
Painting classes, Anselmo Cádiz Cultural Center, Commune of El Bosque, 1998 to date
La Familia Foundation, Huechuraba, Painting Classes, 2002,2003,2004
Trigal Special School, Huechuraba Plastic Arts Classes, 2003
Painting workshop, Cristo Vive, Huechuraba April-December 2002-2004
Drawing and painting classes, Mun. from Huechuraba
Oct-December 2002
Painting workshop, Municipality of Huechuraba
October 1997

Oil painting classes, Mun. of Quilicura October and December 1997
Muralism Workshop, Millahue Foundation
May 1996
Extracurricular Painting Classes, Sta Teresa High School, Mun. of Independence, November 1995 – January 1996
Mural Art Project Paint your Paint, Mun. of Conchalí, June – August 1996
Paint Your Neighborhood Mural Project, New Orleans, USA
October – December 1995
Painting Classes, Youth Development Program, Conchalí, September and October 1995
Artistic Workshop, PRODEMU Foundation, Commune of La Granja
Esane Professional Institute, Graduate Assistantship in Advertising Graphic Design in Drawing and Color Branches, 1988

Curatorship of the Local Gestures I, II and III Exhibition, Art Gallery, 2005, 2006, and 2007
Guillermo Nuñez Art Gallery

Local Gestures I and II Exhibition at Contemporary Art Gallery, Quilicura, 2006 and 2007

December 1998 Work “Cantata de Santa María de Iquique,” Fondart Project, El Bosque Cultural House
November 1999 Play “Nemesio Pelao, What has happened to you”, directed by Andrés Pérez
October 2000 “Chañarcillo,” directed by Andrés Pérez, Antonio Varas Theater
April 2000 “The Exodus,” Chinese shadow play of his own creation
October 2001 Chinese shadows for the play “El Golpe,” directed by Eduardo Saez, Teatro Novedades (selected for Teatro a Mil 2002)
August-September 2004
Work ”1907 The year of the black flower’‘, La Pato Gallina theater company, pictorial work of curtains.

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