Born Under a Radioactive Transit: Art and Poems by Alicia Lasne

In this illusory quest
to survival, I abstain
to say your name.
In this twilight world
where everything freezes;
I watch this glow
on the horizon
of our extinction

The human being dreaming of the world of tomorrow
Poison the last rivers;
Who was already feeding him more.
In a deafening silence;
What it is no longer:

And as in every moment, the eternity of a breath depends on it.
The human being, called to disappear under an acid rain, seizes the last gleam which remains to him.
He then becomes the last link in a corrupt chain, broken down to his DNA.
He is then surprised that he still has a last glimmer of hope in this twilight disaster.
In a canicular suffocation, he observes the beauty of the world he has just destroyed.
The power-seeking human suddenly stops and stares at his bloodied hands.
He understands then that in each moment, the eternity of a breath depends on it.

Some will say I was born on a rainy day, others will tell you it was a full moon night. The reality is very different, I was born in 1986 in Normandy between a radioactive cloud caused by the explosion of a nuclear reactor and the passage of comet Halley. This is how all things begin.

Written by Alicia Lasne

Artist Alicia Lasne in her studio

In this collapse, where a universal rebirth can only be inevitable, I sew, suture, glue on pieces of fabric like exvotos, half-spoken prayers.

Alicia Lasne sewing a picture together

I weave this nature too often ransacked by our lifestyles. Constantly questioning myself about what I am, as a human being. What is my place, my role, our mission on this Earth? What should I change to no longer feed a society of destruction, but a society of the Living.

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