Full moon in Capricorn, Erotic Drawings by Richard Gessner

Limulus, is my favorite arthropod, it’s the oldest species on the planet.

I’m thinking about sex 24/7. Raging hormonal beach Paradises stretch on infinitely into horny horizons. The sight of beautiful fertility Goddesses is always more pleasant to behold than old men covered with craters of acne scars, or Syphlytic doomsday warthogs with copper sulfate tusks!!

Naked ladies have a storied history in the history of art. From Boucher, Bouguereau, Anders Zorn, Mel Ramos, Eric Fischl, pin up art of Elvgren and Driben….Like Brooke Burke and 10 thousand other Brunettes. Hans Bellmer is a favorite. Independent from art, the naked lady in public viewed by the salivating Voyeur since time immemorial is inspirational.

Hans Bellmer appeals to me because it’s Life itself. What beauties can be viewed spontaneously in the street. It is bizarre and an otherworldly ethereal quality that I like.

written by Richard Gessner

Richard Gessner at Studio Montclair, Leach Gallery 641 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ

Artist and Short Story Writer Richard Gessner

more art and info on Richard Gessner can be found at

The Hamilton Street Gallery

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