Baetylus and our birthright to know our brain

our birthright is to know our brain and to become aware of the impact of meteorites on our language.

but first

guard the self that believes in you. the best hallucination is a healthy belief.

a belief in self without vanity is sincere

and free magic.

magic without title, property or theft.

which older you are we anyway?

everything about the overactive amygdala is the source of insular cortex phantoms, wrathful deities averting ourselves from sapience.

it keeps us from enjoying our temporal lobes, ruled by self-rejection in the temple of the body.

autoscopy, is the real spirituality with particles and waves. this tide will lead to a more balanced clonal pluralization of selves.

to be one with everything, one is everything.

written by  ©Mitchell Pluto July 29, 2022

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