Patriarchal Decadence and Her by Enrique de Santiago


And from beyond the intellect comes beautiful love trailing her skirts, with a glass of wine in her hand.
From above with his selenite love
descends the brief nomenclature of desire
in her diamond lust
kissing in purple intervals the waves that announce your steps
with your coming laugh
to testify about the rain
and in the nyctalope depths
in its germinal dance
the final hour of your name.

Patriarchal Decadence

(or Brute A attacks Brute B)
Do you think that money will stop being fascinating?
and if one day it disappears
Do you think power will lose its appeal?
possessing is more addictive than loving
your missiles and two more
the poker of life
a “quijadaso”, ‘jaw bone’ well given in the skull for Abel
(although that fact marks the end of grazing and the beginning of agriculture)
that happens for misreading the allegories
and also wrongly see the universe
added to a dark and patriarchal church
I light candles for Ishtar instead
and I hear the voice of the earth
Will there be anything left to restore the feminine?
End of statement, I’m going to the shelter.

Art and Poems Written by Enrique de Santiago ©

Enrique de Santiago, Born in Santiago, Chile (1961). Visual artist, poet, researcher, essayist, curator and cultural manager. He studied a Bachelor of Art at the University of Chile and at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Chile). Since 1984, he has exhibited in individual and group exhibitions, counting to his credit around more than 100 exhibitions.
He has edited five books: Fragile Transits Under the Spirals in 2012, with La Polla Literaria; Elegía a las Magas and the book essay: El Regreso de las Magas, both with Editorial Varonas. In 2018 he edited La Cúspide Uránica with editorial Xaleshem and Dharma Comunicaciones, and Travel Bitácora with Editorial Opalina Cartonera.
He has participated in various poetry anthologies, both in Chile and abroad. He has collaborated in the newspaper La Nación with articles on new media art, and in magazines such as Derrame, Escaner Cultural and Labios Menores in Chile, Brumes Blondes in Holland, Adamar from Spain, Punto Seguido from Colombia, Sonámbula from Mexico, Agulha de Brazil, Incomunidade de Portugal, Styxus de Rep. Czech, Canibaal de Valencia, Spain, Materika de Costa Rica and other printed and digital publications.

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