Patrick Hourihan Automations

An automatic drawing is the starting point for an image. A powerful sense of promised adventure arises and the process of freely transferring the drawing onto the canvas will trigger an opening of doorways to another world. Nothing can be forced and it’s similar to a two-way conversation with the developing image before me.

I have to listen and the process is always full of surprises. Constantly having a feeling of ‘otherness’, alongside a foreign/unknown part of me, comes forth as a flow of departing points.

Fantastic Duet Acrylic on Canvas 90cm x 60cm

Surrealism was just part of a larger personal picture for me, with no aspirations of calling myself a surrealist …or anything else. But it strangely seemed to follow me.

Night Music Acrylic on Canvas 65cm x 81cm

Outsider art has a compulsive need to externalize an inner world with no ego and a wonderful innocence.

Drawings From Patrick Hourihan Dibujo Automático

London -based Surrealist, Patrick Hourihan. Paintings, Automatic Drawings, and Boxed Assemblages.
photo David Caldwell

Full interview with Antonio Rámirez / Translation by Gala Milla

Óxido Lento – Crítica y reflexión sobre un mundo erosionado

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