Astrology and Cosmograms

The painting called The Geomantic Knight considers the mystical qualities of Chess, Ley lines and Planets as radio waves

The moon is a well spring of inspiration in my life. We watch each other grow. I can see the rhythm through eight phases. This is enough to make me believe the moon is an oracle.

The first detail features the knight on the chess board as a kinetic right angle. Multiple views of potential moves reveal a propelling Whirling log symbol that lifts the center point of a square into a pyramid.

This facet embodies man as sharing a autoscopic experience with an animal self. The body becomes a map. A place where the legend holds the keys as conscious locations are surveyed by Chakras, spinning wells of energy. Another step back culminates planetary radio stations broadcasting patterns on earth in subtle ways.

July lunar eclipse full moon Capricorn. Heliacal rising of Sirius. Lifting of the Sol, Solar, soul. Guru Purnima July 1, 2020 (Vever of Agwe) Mitchell Pluto

July lunar eclipse full moon Capricorn is a cosmogram that integrates the ingredients of both astrological signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Earth and Water with a preview of the future month Leo in the center. Cancer takes center stage as a keystone in the summit of the solstice arch. Cancer locks the whole together as archetypical mother. The shell is a sort of contained frame in a spinning spiral. This shield regenerates as a protective skeletal surface upholding the design of the all healing star fish.

The foundation, the astrological fourth house (home and family) is seen encased within the center crab while the last legs become endoskeletal ovaries. The 4 is also a right angle. The rising figure represents aspirants being lifted by the light. Within the landscape of the body are sapient patterns in relation to spatial travel. A Cancer woman, who is my anima, meditates on a dandelion pappus as a mandala.

ecliptic cosmogram of self initiation to healing, wakefulness and love. June 14, 2020 Mitchell Pluto

Completed on June 14, 2020 this painting subconsciously prepared me for the trance I took while painting the July lunar eclipse full moon Capricorn painting. Immediately in front of the viewer is dandelion pappus as a mandala leading through a hallway of wings. In the corner within an intersection of lines is an astral figure that shares a harmonious proportion with a leaf. The scaffolding of this painting relied heavily on the research I did on the vèvès and the religion of Vodun.

Ayizan Vèvès

Vèvès are a hospitable signs that transmit signals between earth and other planets. The vèvès that most appealed to me was Ayizan, a root Loa. The hexagram is hard not to notice in the example. The monumental shape has a trustworthy reputation in nature as being a stable pattern. Other lines in the painting that don’t have any obligation to any geometric shape are loose radio waves in space.

As a man the woman portrays a doorway in my art. I think interior guides are always the opposite sex of the frontiersman. They are referred generally as Dākinīs in Vajrayana Buddhisma, Valkyries in Norse mythology and Mami Wata in many parts of Africa. More recently called the anima by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustv Jung, these female advocates help facilitate man’s launch into the other hemisphere of the brain.

On a nucleus level, the painting conveys a basic subliminal fertilization theme. Sperm and egg are waves and particles. This simply reassures us that the cosmos is unbroken and always sexually active in the background.

On a larger scale the eye of the architect is the viewer who can watch other times occurring in an optical diagram. In the painting the autoscopic image of the lens is reflected in a pool, with which the curvature of the pool becomes an independent eye ball. Tracing the rays of the vèvès lines discloses a magnifying diagram that relates to the formation of the image on the retina as well as the pathway of light to the brain.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, invisible Venus June 4, 2020 Mitchell Pluto

In the painting a recreation of the Statue of Liberty is a melanin woman. Her first step defends and washes thoughts of the weeping dead through their own tears. Her size violates space by flooding the city streets and a star above her head divides twilight into two Venuses. A small framed figure stands alone in the hall of truth between the two pillars of growth and intelligence.

Jupiter’s influence in the painting over shadows the basal ganglia in society’s collective brain. I wanted the viewer to get an eclipsed perspective of initiated and inhibited motion within our culture. These properties could include institutions that alienate ourselves from the natural world with other passing moods. The ingress and invisible Venus shifts value and self worth changing the sequence of our neural pathways. The torch of Jupiter is a stormy light and path to liberation. Jupiter extents the limits of our awareness motivating us to evolve and improve our human condition.

Transparent overlays of anatomy under Saturn. July 26, 2020 Mitchell Pluto

In a sense this painting is more about Saturnine extremes and egotism. Saturn represents discipline which is a positive quality. It is a planet that has a commitment with tested results. But there are indulgences to consider about the planet’s influence that are less than compassionate. The authority of Saturn is firmly expressed in our established institutions. It is a force best accounted for as a custodian who manages experience for us.

In the painting the X-ray of Saturn dissects a living tree to possess the birth of the main point. But only a book remains as an incidental part of looking for a vanishing point.

written by ©Mitchell Pluto February 14 2021

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