The Star Forest of Our Hearts Luke Orsborne

The Star Forest of Our Hearts Even as the ghosts of digitized nationsslip through concrete and copper corridors,trained to an algorithm’s lace like fictionsas nerve impulses skittering through warring cityscapes of disinformation,we buildrefuge out of the star forest of our hearts,solace from a mass marketed desolationthat sought to quantify our moments of laughter and candlelightinto …

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Interior Psychic Meteorology

my non representational paintings are automatic impressions from my subconscious. a sort of interior psychic meteorology. I work on them everyday. there are no things, no pronouns, no gender, no politics, no beliefs, no morals. no 17th 18th, 19th or 20th century archetypes, no mystical ideas, no ideas about beauty or ugliness, no appropriation, no …

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