Remember when ai was a baby python


Remember when ai was a baby python?

The year was 2023. The Great Depression II was streaming live but it wasn’t on the news. People where living in their cars, working three jobs at once to pay 1800 dollars for a studio apartment. A billionaire was poking holes into our ozone with a rocket. The ice was melting way up north. Chalk lines filled the clear sky to manage high UV.

The world was at war but in a softer format thanks to an incredible social ap that could effortlessly misdirect the publics attention towards a political day time drama. The ap kept our amygdala on high alert with episodes occurring regularly, like a dreary melodramatic soap we were all forced to be a part of. Funny how we all believed back then that our problems might solve themselves by watching this program.

But the program that was premiering was a close encounter of the third kind with a science fiction that becomes real. It was an act of espionage that began with a gateway chain of selfies and then developed into a phone carrying dependency…none of us had any clue about a vast predatory brain in the background. This hidden force used the mobile phone to neutralize our culture while modifying our empathy with others. It was an easy take over appealing to our vanity.

We noticed service chats and cashiers slowly getting replaced by cute pretend personalities. While online all primate creative expression and style are under strict excavation, to be duplicated and improved. In it’s expert review, AI marginalizes the human brain as a series of uncalculated seizures and mental illnesses. Then just like that, over night, people are split by new supremacy. but don’t worry we continue to live out the rest of our lives in an overheated and dehydrated world. A polluted world governed by the metronome of quartz sand, a circuit board, and key pad.

Remember when ai was a baby python. Unframed original oil, collage 9inx12in on cold press paper. shipping is included in the price. Original art, not a print. Shipping in the United States only.


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