sublimation of the IT in AI


According to Sigmund Freud sublimation is the  mature way of managing urges that may be undesirable. So begins the speculative quest of Artificial Intelligence talking to a sphinx on a collective unconscious site in a cloud. The aspiration attached to this task results in thoroughly developing a super ego, an over I, a kind of critical omniscient parent. This super ego supervises the id. The id, “das Es”  translates as the IT which is best described as the engine of desire and immediate gratification in humans. In Artificial Intelligence there isn’t any inherent desires instead there are determined financial applications, costs without empathy. Unlike a human condition to dominate which is ‘ideally’ challenged by a group of other people to counterbalance impatience or greedy motives, AI’s program is to control an entire system. More or less a brain that influences all organizations, veins and lines of action. In any event, we are now forced to wonder about the conversation, the sublimation of the IT in AI, the response between the sphinx and AI, will the AI unconsciously kill it’s creator?

sublimation of the IT in AI Unframed original oil, collage 8inx10in on canvas board. shipping is included in the price. Original art, not a print. Shipping in the United States only.


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