Phantom of Revolution by Ghadah Kamal Ahmed

The cruelty of life is only equaled by art… I used to search a lot in the paths of art for what could express what was going on inside me and my view of the world, but I was always faced with unfree spaces, spaces depicted by religion or what is connected  with  it..

My imagination was always trapped. When I dive into the past with deep sadness..

I did not know that imagination can lead us to a better future until I became acquainted with surrealism.

Closed areas of my subconscious began to open up to me.

I had never known these closed areas of my subconscious mind before.

I did not have complete freedom of expression with my body, and now I do.

Surrealism is a systematic breaking of the boundaries of reality, the body, society and religion.

Also, I was afraid to delve into fields that I had not studied or practiced, such as drawing, photography and cinema, but  Surrealism turned me into an active person who thirsted for all kinds of arts.

I am not only a surrealist artist, I also owe a lot to surrealism… Reconciliation with the unconscious mind can change the world for the better… and  it can be an iron wall stands against all life’s difficulties.

Linking and developing science and keeping pace with technological development and the subconscious freedom are able to create a better world.

This is surrealism for me

written by Ghadah Kamal

Ghadah Kamal is a surrealist visual artist, writer, and poet…Coordinator of performances and workshops and cinema screenings of The international exhibition of surrealism Cairo Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and Echoes of Contemporary Surrealism Exhibition / Alexandria and founding member of the Middle East and North Africa Surrealist Group..Founding member of the Chrysopoeia surrealist union. Editor of the Surrealist Cities section of the Room surrealist magazine and editor at Sulfur Surrealist Jungle.


1_The Goddess of the Moon – Surrealist texts and poems with Mohsen L Belasy 

Publication and Distribution : Dar Badael – Egypt 2018

2_The Wolves of The Moon (Poetry and Collages) with Mohsen Elbelasy 

English /French /Spanish. 

La Belle Inutile Edition 


3_Other discoveries in the subconscious

By Pierre Petiot 

Translation into arabic by Mohsen Elbelasy

Cover by:ghadah kamal 

4_The front cover of the catalog of the international exhibition of surrealism Cairo Saint-Cirq-Lapopie 


Some collective books and magazines in which he participated out side the middle east :

1  _ Oblivion

Collaboration / Book 

By Zazie and Pierre Petiot and friends

Cover by / Zazie 


2_Revue de la poésie in toto 

( Numéro « martyr »)

3_ Revue de la poésie in toto n° 1

4_Revue IN TOTO #4

5_Lithaire 3

6_Honidi Magazine #1


1 / international photography exhibition 

Paris / then Saint-Cirq-Lapopie 

2 _ international exhibition of surrealism Cairo Saint-Cirq-Lapopie 

3 _Echoes of Contemporary Surrealism /Alexandria 

4_ Echoes of Contemporary Surrealism /Budapest 

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