Mohsen L Belasy the Wolf of Cairo

Listen to the mysterious, revealing and fierce voices within you. 

And if you are caught up by  fear of doing so, remember that it is wrong for the senses to belong to the everyday, lived world.

For me any discovery that changes the nature or direction or a phenomenon constitutes

of something or is a  surrealist /poetic truth.

Objective chance , the subtlety of the intuition of the expectation, and the constant search for its flash . 

Going without a destination, the poet has an unknown encounter with the word, freed from any linguistic logic. 

In poetry the mind blows out of the mind. It aims at the spontaneous reclassification of things into a deeper and freer order, which is impossible to explain by the means of the ordinary mind.

The poet alternately is a deadwood pruner, a transformer, and a thunderbolt.

 Silence is a complete poetic and surrealist work.

The word must be left in suspense for a moment before it is transferred to a physical state on paper. At dawn or dusk, we walk down the road and sometimes come across the silhouette of a silent fairy woman, whose silence is the most comprehensive concept of poetry,  and surrealism. 

an absolutely possessed throat, echoing between howls and silence.

 the secrets of the world created, within the poetic mystery, darkness unfolds while questioning is stripped. 

Earthly legend and mystery doors open to infinity.

The poet is an enemy of the Sufist . 

The poet is not bound by a vision or a superior authority. 

Poetry is a momentary extraction of the unknown from the veins of every language.

If the poem does not have a chaotic body that smells of demolition, negation and destruction of all existing literary forms, genres, 

 Then what is living poetry?

Poetry should be the color of dried blood

The poem is the beginning and end of the world, it revives the world and its death, dismantles all self- and collective censorship, esoteric and physical, and drops every daily living dictionary.

The poem is an arena for the execution of all linguistic paralysis by burning with the napalm of the  lust.

Poetry is not a linguistic expression, but a visual, physical and perhaps biological expression as well.

Real poetry employs itself to monitor a waking dream which is resentful of its fate, re-sculpting it with dough baked by chaos inside the bone furnace called the human head.

I believe that enhancing poetic esoteric awareness does not come only by enhancing the possession of language or general cognitive awareness, but by developing and training the eye on scenes of logic disintegration always, whether they are daily or artistic works.

Even with everyday mind games

Thus, the magnetic linguistic ability self-develops and expands not only through the subconscious mind, but also through the nerves of the eye’s practice of strenuous imaginative sports to extract the faculties of impossible  earthy miracles in all its forms and templates.

I treat the Arabic language rules as a relationship between oppression and freedom; understand it

As a repressive social specter that must be removed and rebuilt anew every moment with vast doors to spend the  free desire. 

Poetry is the chaotic condensation of the inner momentary realization, but the seer poet must tame the tools of this condensation towards a permanent quest for the human interior, a quest fertilized by doubts in everything outside the individual.

Every human being has a poetic companion who lives behind his eye, the cunning poet who makes him constantly jump like a kangaroo and always seeks to protect this kangaroo from drowning in the prior cement lakes and to teach this kangaroo that there is no limit to what is called verbal maturity,

 poetry is a permanent electrical revolution inside the mind It is not controlled by something imaginary or even social.

The chief function of poetry is to impart sharp disturbances to language and to overthrow every possible holiness it bears. For me grammarians and academics of language are the social police of the imagination.

I despise even the inherited Arab aspirations to rebel against the Arabic language, except of course à few poets I see the deceptive horizon of most Arab poets now that they throw themselves in the recycling factories of closed poetic ambitions.

Surrealism relates to expressing «the real functioning of thought […] in the absence of any control exercised by reason and apart from any aesthetic or moral concern ».

– We think that not only language, but the whole world in all its aspects, was given to humanity to make surrealist use of it.

“All things are called to other uses than those generally attributed to them.” – André Breton, Le Point du Jour.

– We think that surrealists should make use of whatever materials and tools that they find attractive.  Whether a feather, a cloud or a computer, any single object in this world becomes a surrealist object as soon as surrealist use is made of it.

– We think that the results of surrealist activities do not have to conform to any type of listed art form, nor even to whatever is considered art. 

– Restrictions regarding materials and tools, as well as compliance with traditional artistic categories are views that were already considered and experienced as obsolete by most artists of the Renaissance period. We think that an attempt to liberate the human mind may in no way be successfully achieved on the basis of a narrower scope of practices and intellectual freedom than that which was already acquired by artists at that time.

 -‘we are interested in how surrealism appears in everyday life, whether it’s from surrealists or not, but we understand this is not the same as a surrealist movement.”

-“We are interested in certain parallel currents that might overlap with surrealism. Surrealism may -appear- or be present- within avant garde or popular art but it’s not necessarily the same thing.”

– We categorically reject mixing surrealism with whatever form of religion, and we reject the presence of any religious persons within the group.

– We reject any aesthetic attribute that directly or indirectly integrates into the life of this society or that would tend to reconcile with it.

– Realistic daily life erases the perception of the unique characteristics of objects. We will always seek to break this mechanism and its dynamics by means of words, plastic art, music and cinema or any other means.

– Collective automatism is self-contained in everyday life. It floats in the air, dissolving every entrenched and worn-out intellectual authority.

– The poem is a collective work, even if it is from one’s individual imagination.

– We have nothing but contempt for the guardians of grammar because they are the protectors of the heavy legacy of linguistic dependence that erases the ecstasy of all free desire. 

– We support every creative act that contributes to the wondrous conquest of everyday life and the conquest of mad love. Everything that has been physically neglected in the city, and every sexual explosion that social fascism hides, is for us the dough with which we form our written and visual poems.

written by Mohsen Elbelasy

Mohsen Elbelasy Egyptian surrealist artist and poet and researcher and editor in chief of the Room surrealist Magazine and and the co manager of the international exhibition of surrealism Cairo Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and Echoes of Contemporary Surrealism Exhibition. And  co-founder of the Middle East and North Africa Surrealist Group. (MENA) and He also worked as a translator, cultural journalist and organizer of cultural and artistic events in Egypt and internationally. Chrysopoeia Surrealist union /Cooperative. In 2022, his book The Trip of Kamel Al Tilmissany  won the Sawiris Grand Prize of Literary Criticism

Wikipedia :


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La Belle Inutile Edition 


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Translation into arabic by Mohsen Elbelasy 

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It will be issued soon by  

Safsafa  publishing house / Cairo

9_ Editor of  the catalog of the international exhibition of surrealism Cairo Saint-Cirq-Lapopie 


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 1 – Erotic, Political, Psalms Cairo Atelier – Egypt 2015

 2 – collective exhibition with Magda Khoga  at Prince Taz Palace/Cairo  / Egypt 2016

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Paris / then Saint-Cirq-Lapopie 

4 _ international exhibition of surrealism Cairo Saint-Cirq-Lapopie 

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6_ Echoes of Contemporary Surrealism /Budapest

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