A call in the language of stars by Felipe López Osses

Two distant skies cover hopes united by noble commitment. The attractive conviction settles in the memory and encourages the shared future. To be one in this chaotic transit and capture the inevitable reunion, there is the powerful meaning

the gift of time
oil on canvas

In the unknown, we met
In hope, we agree
In conviction, we unite and dream
In determination, we project
We have been laughing and crying,
breath and fatigue,
shared flavors
and we share sounds.
I saw you dance and I met
my longest smile.
I heard you sing and I knew
I already have a new motto.
And now I’m going up
to new heights,
where the brushstrokes stand out,
and claim their chimera.
The time will be long
enough to plant
that immersed ideal
what we have to go through

Kaslarin Karasina: For the Darkness of your Eyelashes
oil on canvas
60 x 50 cm.

This work is inspired by the song of the same name by the Turkish musician Beynelmilân. In this painting I wanted to reflect the energy of the person portrayed, her gaze reflects a mystery that allows various interpretations

REsIgnifiKance (detail)
oil on canvas

140 x 125 cm.

A call in the language of stars
a blind search paid off.
reviving convictions
reincarnated in songs.
Five phases of illusions
and another five of dilemmas.
fears are not noticed
when promises bloom…

Chena trails
Pens on canvas

This drawing is the first one I made with the “Chromatic Story” technique. It is inspired by the experiences and omens that I experienced during the almost 8 years that I lived near Chena Hill, a place full of inspiration and history.

Felipe López Osses is a self-taught cartoonist and painter born in Linares, Chile. His foray into art began in his childhood, when he began to develop his creativity and work with many details. In his works he mainly uses ballpoint pens and oils. His inspiration comes from nature and music. In 2015 he began to work with his own technique: pens on canvas, a technique to which he gave the name “Chromatic Story”, since it is “an invitation to the viewer to take a detailed tour of the details and symbolism, encouraging their own interpretation of the work

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