Hunter of Images and Energies the Art of Miguel Ángel Huerta Zuñiga

In 2009 I started a correspondence with Chilean painter and Surrealist Miguel Ángel Huerta Zuñiga. When I first saw his work I was surprised he was expressing a deep exploration into the animistic mind like I was. Later that year in November, Miguel invited me to join El Umbral Secreto the first Surrealist Exhibition in Latin America since 1940. Over the years we have continue to be very good friends. I wanted to share some of Miguel’s work. I also asked him a few questions that would balance his image with word.

Do you think a computer will organize our experience for us?

I don’t think so and I hope it is not so, otherwise our particularity of being part of the cosmos will have been lost

Have you experienced synchronicity?

On some occasions I have felt synchronicity, but I am not very sure that’s what it was.

What do you think the future holds for handmade art ? Do you think the image on the screen will replace the object?

I believe and hope that technology will not replace painting and sculpture because the feeling that the artist creates in talismans, in objects of power lead to another reality and that link with the cosmos will be lost.

To what extent do you think our brain will merge with a simulated or fabricated imitation of reality?

I worry that our brains will merge with faux simulated or fabricated reality. I think our relationship with the cosmos would be lost

Miguel Ángel Huerta Zuñiga, Chilean Painter

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