Path of Light, Shadow of a Circle. Visions and Poems by Enrique de Santiago

Art and Poems Written by Enrique de Santiago

The scientific world wonders where the boundary between matter and antimatter begins. That is, where does the surreal begin? For this we must know the secrets expressed in the Emerald Tablet, where the borders of the vibratory spaces are not represented, since they do not exist, since what is denser can become something less dense according to the laws of the variable flows of the vibratory fields. Therefore, everything is a continuum according to what modern physics has shown, a kind of manifested logos where the elusive can be a res perceived according to the capacity of the receiver.

Gears of a quantum ship, acrylic and ink on Fabriano paper, 21 x 28 cm

For the exponential curve of the logarithmic spiral to exist, there must be a logarithm that draws it, but also a mathematical equation that designs an enormous spatial support that contains it and allows it not to disintegrate as a design. We calculate what we see, but the invisible does not enter into that equation. This is how we neglect our astral bodies.

Spectacular blindness, collage s/paper, 30 x 20 cm

In a cold and stony hole
a flower withers hopelessly
while the world rejoices
with the monk’s tricks

Perpendicular imagination looming
behind the divine muscle
that strips of its pelagic destiny
to the one that lies at the foot of its calcareous slab.
With each sun 666 errata arise
in the belly of the lunar word.

Emerged from nocturnal memory
a pristine song
embrace my origin
and illuminate my soul.

Mother earth seeks the perfume of redemption
while the man far in the abyss of him auscultates the night to gain objects
the emptiness of having
is named among the speechless faces
so then the alchemical weddings were prepared without any finding for your eyes
the leaves of the forest fall slowly
the roar of the terrestrial kiss reaches my ears
sound to be ocher dust in solar memory
end of times
and circular principle
the appointed mystery
while children are killed by hunger
to continue making “Barbies”


The ancient voice from the parting of the waters
what is above and what is below
like pale dawn of man
without the primordial exhalation
roam the surface
looking for a high dwelling
to detach from matter
the creative breath of the submerged forest under your name
with their ethereal offspring
like plumage swayed by the wind
in their forgotten northern voices
mother of desire
and of rebellion
clay healing tide
with sporadic winged notes
and tears of bears
that forget the wound in sleep.

my bone wish
penetrate the flesh of the shadows
For a right to endorphins for every citizen

Interdimensional ossuary, Ink on cut paper and acrylic on 300gm fabriano paper

Art and Poems Written by Enrique de Santiago ©

Enrique de Santiago, Born in Santiago, Chile (1961). Visual artist, poet, researcher, essayist, curator and cultural manager. He studied a Bachelor of Art at the University of Chile and at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Chile). Since 1984, he has exhibited in individual and group exhibitions, counting to his credit around more than 100 exhibitions.
He has edited five books: Fragile Transits Under the Spirals in 2012, with La Polla Literaria; Elegía a las Magas and the book essay: El Regreso de las Magas, both with Editorial Varonas. In 2018 he edited La Cúspide Uránica with editorial Xaleshem and Dharma Comunicaciones, and Travel Bitácora with Editorial Opalina Cartonera.
He has participated in various poetry anthologies, both in Chile and abroad. He has collaborated in the newspaper La Nación with articles on new media art, and in magazines such as Derrame, Escaner Cultural and Labios Menores in Chile, Brumes Blondes in Holland, Adamar from Spain, Punto Seguido from Colombia, Sonámbula from Mexico, Agulha de Brazil, Incomunidade de Portugal, Styxus de Rep. Czech, Canibaal de Valencia, Spain, Materika de Costa Rica and other printed and digital publications.

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