Metacelestial Hominid Enrique de Santiago

A mockingbird arises from the edge of the foliage
there where cosmic orders rush
and it was when I felt the elongated step of the annelids
in its pristine and minimal hollow in progress
and I saw the infinite curtain where the stars cling
the ones that it costs me now to read
because the street forks
this long avenue of my life
where an hour saves me
while the other carries a tombstone in her hand.
Gregorian chant at burial
liters of paint on my coffin
since I summon the colors
to accompany me in this Dionysian dance
Well, I gave them life
other life
with shadows, with lights
and halftones
just how life really is
and in its surreality with its reverse blade
Well, I invoked them without geodesic dimensions
there they settled their perfume
that swells my soul that unfolds towards my underground kingdom.

Una calandria surge del canto del follaje
allí donde se precipitan las órdenes cósmicas
y fue cuando sentía el paso alargado de los anélidos
en su prístina y mínima oquedad en progreso
y vi el telón infinito donde se aferran los astros
los que me cuesta ahora leer
pues la calle se bifurca
esta larga avenida de mi vida
donde una hora me salva
mientras la otra lleva una lápida en la mano.

Canto gregoriano en el sepelio
litros de pintura sobre mi féretro
ya que convoco a los colores
a acompañarme en esta danza dionisíaca
pues les di la vida,
otra vida
con sombras, con luces
y medias tintas
tal como es la vida en realidad
y en su surrealidad con su hoja inversa
pues los invoqué sin cotas geodésicas
ahí asentaron su perfume
que hincha mi alma que se desdobla hacia mi reino subterráneo.

Enrique de Santiago

Born in Santiago, Chile (1961). Visual artist, poet, researcher, essayist, curator and cultural manager. He studied a Bachelor of Art at the University of Chile and at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Chile).

Since 1984, he has exhibited in individual and group exhibitions, counting to his credit around more than 100 exhibitions.

He has edited five books: Fragile Transits Under the Spirals in 2012, with La Polla Literaria; Elegía a las Magas and the book essay: El Regreso de las Magas, both with Editorial Varonas. In 2018 he edited La Cúspide Uránica with editorial Xaleshem and Dharma Comunicaciones, and Travel Bitácora with Editorial Opalina Cartonera.

He has participated in various poetry anthologies, both in Chile and abroad. He has collaborated in the newspaper La Nación with articles on new media art, and in magazines such as Derrame, Escaner Cultural and Labios Menores in Chile, Brumes Blondes in Holland, Adamar from Spain, Punto Seguido from Colombia, Sonámbula from Mexico, Agulha de Brazil, Incomunidade de Portugal, Styxus de Rep. Czech, Canibaal de Valencia, Spain, Materika de Costa Rica and other printed and digital publications.

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