Cryptic God, la science des mystères

written and painted by ©Mitchell Pluto August 21, 2021

A symbol is a corpse with autoscopy. A phantom over lay. A double accompanied with hallucinatory meaning. Vowels steer consonants on a quest to remember what was said. What part of something, what place of something. The face of the hero and fool is a map. An omnivoyant icon. Stare into their eyes to recover your own indispensable quality. Follow the ocular path to the source that informs us. Let the light and gravity pull you inward. Convergent and divergent beams. Perhaps some music while refraction bends cylinders of power into design. Level after level. Into the interior body of the archetype, watch without judgement the tissue of god age and grow younger. The sapient rays of Loa, Sentences turning air pressure into surface and form. A ledge, a crossbar on a door but knowledge a threshold to the cross roads. Two points with a tail. Nodding Vertical and wagging horizontal, Only a cube for an overlapping moment as a brilliant veve blooms a code to retain shape’s motion and growth. A neuro branch imagining one direction and wilts, curving to remember where it was from. Yes all those full lines fade among the countless vanishing points of pure space. Time as all ways from two radiant parallel lines. From eyes as light fountains, as eyes as vacant.

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