The Tetramorph, The Magnetic Stabilization of the Ladder of Triangles

The search for a mind treasure in the past relied on the astrological map of archetypes. This cross was emblemized into the tetramorph, a visual arrangement of four things.

In this artistic dramatization Aquarius is an agent of sapience directing itself as it’s own magnetic force. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio create a ladder of finer and finer interior triangles.

  • Taurus representing stability while channeling creativity between parallel lines beyond personality.
  • Leo directs it’s energy into a series of actions to deliver a flower or design to the world.
  • Scorpio are the lines drawn by the tool and is the evolving, crawling, flying spine.
  • These substances-earth, fire and water, create a closed triangle of electric currents, a ladder or chain of triangles.

The Aquarian mind refines all turbulent magnetic forces within one’s self Having been a floating needle lost in a circle, the tetramorph becomes a conscious map. Aquarius aims to manage gravity and balance the triangles like an egg standing on a level surface.

The ladder of triangles are steps to further our own development towards inner realization. The ladder becomes a hyper reflective yantra, a sort of inward escalator. With every step, the chain of being changes on all levels. Novelty and invention grow out of either end. The ladder is a link like a potter spinning a pot on a wheel that aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field in a beautiful way. A process where the potter manifests a copy of a form broadcasted from a heavenly pattern

written and painted by ©Mitchell Pluto 4, 14 2021

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