Hall of Creation

every once in a while I enjoy experimenting with different concepts and design. here’s an avant garde chain mail style, copper enamel pendent. I like the way M’Chigeeng First Nation artist, Duncan Neganigwane Pheasant describes a special frame of mind as a Hall of Creation. everybody walks through two beams of structure and flexibility. these are qualities in every person to find and to build an interior temple or House of Invention within themselves. The ceiling is the sky while the floor board is a cross current of tiles, each representing a space on a calendar. in the center is a mercurial self with multiple layers of tissue that always change. a surface identity is contained inside a beaker but also a guiding star that links to genius, a birds eye view. universally an attentive path leads to the best, the good. this quality of being honest shares a sense of well being with others. these are the thoughts behind the design and intention of this pendent.

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