The Relationship with the Star

The Tantra is a special connection (fusion) with a deity or geometric symbol. Meditating on this double generates a navigating map towards a sapient future self. This is traditionally similar to a Yidam in Tibetan Buddhism.

I was inspired by Chögyam Trungpa’s book The Tantric Path of Indestructible Wakefulness and the metaphor of the Star in the Tarot. Tantra means weaving and is about a relationship between the projector and the projected (or programmer and program) The woman in the painting is a personal interpretation of Tara, the mother of liberation.

from my personal Tarot symbolique et maçonnique by Jean Beauchard. The Star card with it’s twin geometric blueprint below the surface of the image.

from a French Freemason Lodge

“The Star, still called pentagram, represents for the Pythagoreans, the radiant initiate. Indeed for a long time, we represent a man, arms and legs apart, registered in the Star. His five points are thus attributed to the five extremities of the man whose head occupies the summit. She can register in a circle. It is no longer about the man inscribed in the matter, but about the man who has straightened up, who has reached his Star.”

étoile flamboyante: Love when it is sufficiently intense, is source of light and knowledge, in this respect we can say that the blaze associates with the star is Love.

“If we manage to register in the Flaming Star, to use this magnificent template which is offered to us we will have, found our balance, realized our own unit and we will have found this spark of divinity in us which will allow us to blaze. The Star, under the Delta, receives its influence as it receives that of the Sun and the Moon. She is the Great Architect of the Universe in Man in general and in the companion in particular. It blazes in addition to the radiation of the Delta, it completes the Knowledge by Love.”

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