The Kykeon and Icon of Hygeia

The Kykeon and Icon of Hygeia
Acrylic painting Mitchell Pluto

Metaphors like the star, cup and snake of Hygieia are keys that exist within the universal mind.

The Kykeon and Icon of Hygeia is a gentle painting for a harsh transit. not unpleasantly rough for most people but maybe for a few

Hygiene, Hygieia, Hugieia

As a medical personification of health, Hygeia was daughter of Asklepios, the god of medicine. Traditionally Asklepios is known for his staff with a serpent which integrates similar details with the Caduceus of Hermes. I selected the Greek goddess in this painting in favor of other deities because of her relationship between three symbols.

The first being the molting snake going through various phases in an immutable soulful way-a vehicle or vehiculum

mixed media relief Mitchell Pluto
another study in sacred geometry. the serpent clock. time is a serpent, maybe a wave or particle. maybe an opening, drain, tunnel or fountain. the inner scale has 12 petals. the outer 24 all under the influence of what matters is happening now as we molt

Second, the amuletic badge ‘the Pythagorean pentagram’ belonging naturally to an order that expresses health, inspiration and harmony.

Star of “Hugieia” (ύγιεία: health)

“In the pentagram, the Pythagoreans found all proportions well-known in antiquity: arithmetic, geometric, harmonic, and also the well-known golden proportion, or the golden ratio. … Probably owing to the perfect form and the wealth of mathematical forms, the pentagram was chosen by the Pythagoreans as their secret symbol and a symbol of health. Alexander Voloshinov

Ace of Pentacles Pendent Mitchell Pluto

The third is the cup that contains the passage into the circle with which the diameter or chord passes through everlasting life and the hidden order of natural geometry.

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