Moon Trine the Drape of Decency


In the painting Moon Trine the Drape of Decency the full moon shines light on the the rough days of Sarah Baartman, the Khoikhoi woman was was forced to perform. The moon also casts light upon the path of liminality which can be expressed in the embodiment of bonito feio which thrives in jazz, blues and entartete kunst. The drape, known as the Khoikhoi apron, alarmed 19th century scientists. The drape was a hidden testament and link to nature. The evidence, unlike the shroud of Turin, is a real body and bones of Sarah Baartman. The moon trine transit create unusual relationships  steatopygic outlines and  silhouettes. Other subconscious influences are retained artificially by female devotees in bustle and gluteal augmentation.

Moon Trine the Drape of Decency. Unframed original oil, collage 9inx12in on cold press paper. shipping is included in the price. Original art, not a print. Shipping in the United States only.


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