Author name: Mitchell Pluto


Alkalizing the Wendigo with a Whirling Mantra

Every culture has experienced cannibalism, headhunting and parasites. This intrusive painting is about those things but thankfully it’s all metaphorical. In this painting I use figures of speech to convey malignant narcissism and greedy tendencies as a psychic virus. While no specific group or person is targeted it is important to be aware of the …

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4:30 AM

Four word 30. It is always a half. Two more points reflect 6, 9 and back to a hidden 3 again. The clock hands do not hold the numbers. The zero is an egg without pressure or surface.

Why I’m Interested in Voodoo

The Crossroads, a cosmogram that encourages foresight and safe travel. a study of the vèvè.12inx12in acrylic, chalk paint and collage Written by Mitchell Pluto© May, 28, 2021 In Milo Rigaud’s Secrets of Voodoo he describes the les lois ‘the laws’ as intermediaries between human beings and the cosmic source. These unseen constitutional agents are waves …

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The Tetramorph, The Magnetic Stabilization of the Ladder of Triangles

The search for a mind treasure in the past relied on the astrological map of archetypes. This cross was emblemized into the tetramorph, a visual arrangement of four things. In this artistic dramatization Aquarius is an agent of sapience directing itself as it’s own magnetic force. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio create a ladder of finer and …

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Hall of Creation

every once in a while I enjoy experimenting with different concepts and design. here’s an avant garde chain mail style, copper enamel pendent. I like the way M’Chigeeng First Nation artist, Duncan Neganigwane Pheasant describes a special frame of mind as a Hall of Creation. everybody walks through two beams of structure and flexibility. these …

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