Hoda Hussein Crossing The Water Tunnel

Hunting for the sound
In the relation between circles
Grooves and ridges
On the surface of a disk.

Hunting for the circles
Grooves and ridges
On the surface
Of my fingers.

Hunting for the relation
Between the surface of my fingers
And the surface of the disk.

Does the sound get sharper
when the lines are brighter?

Shell it cough
if dust occupies it?

Mother and Child
Acrylic on canvas

Hunting in the needle
That touches the round lines
ln the rotation of the disk

ln one direction
In the possibilities of emptiness forms
Between the needle point
And the turning lines’

To reach the spherical emptiness
In the middle.

Circles turn with the sound


Go through ideas and trajectories
The time decomposes itself
Into spirals moving up and down

And I find myself there.
Every time I remember my face I see the

This disk that moves
And nobody sings
For it.

The Celestial Cow
Acrylic on canvas

Sometimes you through your darts
And they catch a map

it might not necessarily be your map

And by chance
or coincidence

you find it in your hand
you say: I found the map
There the map found me

And my mission now
is to dissect it

you throw your darts
And they get lost
Hunting others’ maps

They are the laziest:
They through their dreams at you
to realize it for them

they threw you their disappointments
to endure it for them

They are the laziest
And you are the naïve prey that
lost the reason of this one hunt

For the hunt
And sank

When they pull you up
Do not be

So who said that the emptiness
in the middle
Is black?

And how do you know it is empty it self?
And if someone tells You
Nothing is in the emptiness

Would you believe?

Won’t you hunt in this “Nothing”

For a shape or a form?

To touch it?

To intersect with it?

To find yourself

In it?

From MAP OF THE SELF Poems and Drawings Hoda Hussein 2006

Huda Hussein with My Egypt

Hoda Hussein
Egyptian creative writer poetess and novelist, artist painter and translator.
Published many poetry books and novels in Arabic language.
Represented Egypt in poetry and novels festivals and encounters in several countries like Yemen, Spain, India, France, Cuba, and Chile
Made creative writing workshops for kids in many schools in Cairo Egypt.
Received rewards for poetry, novels and for translations in Chile, Macedonia and Egypt.
Was entitled as a universal ambassador for peace by the peace ambassadors circle that works under the UNESCO

Featured Painting: The Great Lady. 70x50cm. Acrylic on canvas.


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