Sol, el Cuarto Cielo Felipe Balzo

“Sol, el cuarto cielo”
Acrílico sobre tela y madera.
50 x 50 cm 2023

Writing is an art, which requires a life and I don’t know how to write, I know how to paint, after 25 years, I don’t stop learning and growing. Words can probe the deepest reality, but it is not the only way, you can have few words and still have a profound impact on the nuances of reality, you can have songs in your mind, plastic and colors.

I have colors.

When I look at a painter I also see words. Meanings, ways of seeing the world and nature, that have been transferred, inherited from one artist to another. As if we all spoke the same language, a hidden one. Hidden it is, behind the colors that live in my mind.

I do not hide in the colors, from the unbearable reality. I want to think that I shape it, I want to think that it can be inhabited in other realities. I want to think that I win the fight, freedom from myself, freedom from reality. I want to be able to see a space, a small work of art and it reminds me of this, it speaks to me about the spirit, I want to inhabit dreams. Imagine the psyche of a great musician, composing songs in his mind, or a poet spinning beautiful phrases full of meaning. Evading the weight of the psychic constructions of the most common social dynamics. What a beautiful girl, that guy looked at me ugly, how badly that old man drives, how fat, how tall, DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI, isn’t it perhaps a transmutation.

I don’t know how to write, I can put these meaningful sentences, which I will regret later, not a poet. Nor from what I have painted, a constant growth, the practice of a static that comes from colors and forms. A way of meditating, a way of praying, perhaps that is why I am building altars today.

Felipe Balzo. Santiago, Chile

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