The Witches Assistant Art by Chrystal Dawn

To Give and Give and Give. Acrylic on panel.

Being comfortable with calling myself an artist happened very recently. I have been drawing and painting since I was old enough to hold a crayon, but never considered myself an artist. It may have been imposter syndrome, but only in the past couple years have I fully embraced the title of artist, that I am one, and allowed myself to really lean into that. I feel like accepting that title has allowed me to break past some barriers I had unknowingly placed onto myself.

I love history, folklore and nature. I go on hikes to be inspired and try to paint this unwritten language that is inside each of us. The one that connects us to our core and our roots with Mother Earth, and shows that every living creature is connected.

Bearn. Oil on canvas.

My greatest love is oil, but I’m very eclectic in my studio. Some things can only be brought to life in oil, some in acrylic, some in ink and some in relief printing or clay.

Bittersweet. Acrylic on panel.

I’m constantly inspired by other artists and there are so many great ones. The very first artist that made me believe I could do this was Brian Froud. My family couldn’t afford his amazing books when I was a kid, so my grandma would take me to the bookstore and I would sit in the aisle and pour over them. As an adult I’ve collected almost all of his work and he is a huge inspiration for me. He makes magic seem possible.

The Witches Assistant. Oil on canvas.

I grew up on fantasy and historical fiction. Middle Earth and Hogwarts were my safe places as a kid. I still read Tolkien over and over. Edgar Allen Poe shows beauty in darkness, which is a theme I explore a lot in my work. Susanna Kearsley and Simone St. James are both incredible historical fiction authors. I collect books about mythology, spirits, history, Paganism and folklore; much of the symbolism I find in them ends up in my work. I would have a full library at my house if I could.

written by ©Chrystal Dawn

Decay. Acrylic on canvas.

nature inspired art

Featured photo: Echolocation. Acrylic on panel.

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