JoLu Amaringo on Vegetal Ceremonies

My visionary artworks are based on the two plants needed to prepare the ayahuasca brew. A snake emerges from the ayahuasca vine, surrounded by fuchsia flowers. There is also another snake, the chacruna snake, green in color with its luminous leaves. Radiation comes out of his mouth. The chacruna snake penetrates the ayahuasca snake, producing the visionary effect of these two magical plants.

In an Ayahuasca ceremony, the master and his disciples are covered by rainbow-colored radiation emanating from the ayahuasca and chacruna plants. The combined effect of these plants is esoteric: due to their supernatural properties, psychic bodies are created that the eyes have never perceived before, so that one is overwhelmed by this strange new dimension. This world penetrates the top of the head so that the aura stimulates a gland between the eyebrows and activates the third eye.

Ayahuasca reveals its deepest secrets when the visionary dizziness is strongest. They show that human beings need to create a balance between their good and bad sides.

Through ayahuasca you learn to express in thoughts, feelings and words that “I am” and “I exist”. If a person thinks or says, “I am nothing and I have nothing,” she is extinguishing his spiritual strength and is doomed to failure. It is important to think inspired thoughts and say empowering words about yourself and others, rather than complain about the negative aspects of a person, as we all embody both positive and negative qualities.


This work represents all the magic songs that shamans use to cure various diseases, these magic songs are called Ikaros. The ikaros or magic songs are taught by spiritual beings especially by animal spirits, that is why in this painting I have captured various animals with different powers.

The Eagle is considered the supreme emblem of the gods, rulers and warriors. It is a symbol of majesty, bravery and spiritual inspiration. Being seen as the lord of the air personifies power and speed.

The personality of the snake means wisdom, power and health, it is an animal that represents strength and unsurpassed superiority.

Some attributes of the Wolf are: intelligence, cunning, communication, friendship, loyalty, generosity and compassion.

In the realm of spirit animals, the tiger places a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability and the ability to trust yourself. By affinity with this spirit animal, you can enjoy dealing with life issues spontaneously, relying on your intuition and acting quickly when necessary.

Finally the heron and the butterfly represent self-sufficiency, stability, tact and careful foresight. In other words, you will achieve great success through your efforts. Visioning with these animals signifies your ability to explore and delve into your subconscious.

Arcanes of the Ayahuasca Star

In the Amazon there are several types of ayahuasca, these lianas go to the infinity of the universe, meandering many colors, among them the orange color, known as “Ayahuasca Star”, a color that shines in this visionary work of art.

The “Arcanes” are protection spirits of the shaman, and of the magic liana Ayahuasca, these are presented as people, animals and plants.

On the left side of the work you can see two arcana presented by a tiger and an owl. This is a vision that surprises shamans, because they emerge from the ayahuasca rope. The spiritual tiger contains the almost impenetrable depth of the science of ayahuasca and the spiritual owl represents the ayahuasca vine. These spirits are concerned with the esoteric force of ayahuasca. In these animals, the sense of smell and the eyes are full of hypnotism that are sharpened through rhythmic movements, when these animals prepare to act on something. The masters, who acquire the strength, the cunning and the sharp eye that hypnotizes these spiritual animals, become expert healers of both natural and artificial cures, because the shaman has learned from the intelligence and powerful and intelligent minds of these animals.

In the upper central part of the painting we distinguish a face with a yellow halo; this is the reflection of the mind. It is there that a master healer perceives and feels the rhythmic formation of life, with its forms and motifs that intermingle with its vibrant colors and sounds. There, the teacher is filled with knowledge, when he knows the value of colors; Color reflects human behavior, whether people are good or bad based on dark or light colors. This is also true for the sounds that we carry inside our bodies and external sounds.

In this painting you can see a master shaman, with the degree of “Sumi-Runa” (a man of much knowledge and hidden wisdom), he feels the astral ether very strong, something that is unknown to humans who do not know spiritual things , only with their physical eyes they see the matter that is the deformed space. The Sumi-Rune, Bank-Sumi, Murayas and others who have these high esoteric degrees were for the most part illiterate and naive Aborigines in what is modern culture, but they were integral human beings; a great Sumi-Runa teacher, or any other spiritual degree, seems like an innocent, that when one sees him, it appears that this person knows nothing, yet he covers the infinite knowledge of millions and millions of years, managing to know the kingdoms spiritual of sublime purity. When these great masters travel in time and infinite space they unite spiritual corpuscles to their bodies that form dimensional aureoles that encompass incalculable spaces in the universe, in the process of these trips they see present things where they understand that the past and the future is within the present. For these spiritual beings everything is present, there is no past or future.

Behind the master shaman “Sumi-Runa”, there is the Situlle plant, a plant that grows vines and bitter herbs. Then we see the hawk called “Tive-Mama”. The teacher uses this bird as a guardian who watches the depths of the rivers. The hummingbirds and yellow toad help people to be confident, diligent, active, prepared, optimistic and self-confident.

In the lower left part of the work, a blue snake with a pink aura is seen. The pink color represents Altruism, Philanthropy and Generosity. The blue color represents confidence and tranquility.

Ayahuasca offers a lot of spiritual teaching and physical, mental and moral health. Human wisdom produces various pleasures, such as the experience necessary to obtain material wealth, but not to bring true happiness or lasting satisfaction as spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom do. Whoever uses the ayahuasca drink must know how to diet to receive the cure; This is the basis for strengthening the health and proper functioning of the body. It is very, very good to meditate while looking at this painting; In this way you will hear the roidash (spiritual message).

Arcane of the Ayahuasca Bell

There are different types of ayahuasca in the Amazon. These lianas go to the infinity of the universe and meander in many colors, including Campana Ayahuasca green, a color that shines in this visionary work of art.

The arcana are protective spirits of the shaman and the magic liana Ayahuasca, who are represented as people, animals and plants.

At the top and bottom left of the work are the faces of two female spirits with healing abilities, the female spirits take care of the vegetation and the water. These spirits are called “Sacha – Huarmi”, which means “wild woman”; Therefore, plants and flowers together as “Toé”, the “Toé” flower can be seen at the top next to the spiritual face and in the central part of the work, this flower represents the strength that it has. The Floripondio The plant full of electromagnetism, that of The use of shamans for defense is also used for harmful and contagious diseases and for the relief of blood.

In the upper middle part of the work you can see the eye of an owl, these birds that the Master’s healing shaman uses to defend himself from his enemies that attack him from the ground.

We also observe a spiritually named tiger called “Puyo – Puma” in the upper right part of the work, which means “tiger in the cloud”. One of its characteristics is knowing the movement of the earth and making each enemy inactive. . He is very brave in his attacks, but he is very careful. These tigers go through the session or ceremony and give the shaman great healing power for vibrations and powers to fend off the evil of a magician acting against him and his disciples.

The dolphins or bufeos that can be seen in the lower right part of the work are spiritually present in the Ayahuasca ceremony or ritual to allow better vision and meditation. There are the spiritual powers of the gods and goddesses, these energies are conjectures.

“Looking at the spiritual world means seeing another latent world”.

Arcanes of Heaven Ayahuasca

In the Amazon there are several types of ayahuasca, these lianas go to the infinity of the universe, meandering many colors, among them the color blue, known as Cielo Ayahuasca, a color that shines in this visionary work of art.

The Arcanes, are protection spirits of the shaman, and of the magic liana Ayahuasca, these are presented as people, animals and plants.

On the upper left side of the work, you can see the monumental “Celestial Towers”, which serves as an angular protector for the earth. From there come the white zigzags of cosmic energy that in their magnitude can control many other moving energies that serve to develop more life. A little further down you can see the face of the visionary shaman teacher along with her two protectors known as arcana presented as hawk and jaguar.

This visionary shaman teacher is called “Sinchi Muscui Huarmi”, which means “Strong Woman”; This master shaman practices the science of curanderismo, and is much stronger than a male shaman, because the spirits sharpen more with women than with men, because the woman contains the ovule that can make a being fertilize, while with the male does not happen that way, a woman can more easily defeat sorcerers and sorcerers. Her protectors (hawk, jaguar and owl), who are next to her, know how to hypnotize perfectly and can neutralize the Icarus of the enemies and paralyze any damage.

In this session the shaman teacher in her concentration with her power can bring trees, plants, shrubs, plant parasites, waterfalls and all kinds of animals such as birds, snakes, among other animals in a spiritual way, as can be seen in all the work; then the physical practically disappears only the spiritual can be seen, in such a way the vibratory waves of the ayahuasca appear, surrounding the master shaman, where one feels a very high concentration, that one almost feels like being a spirit and not a Being physical with ailments and mental disturbances, one leaves everything physical aside and feels like a super man, full of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence with the intention of living not for centuries but forever, at this moment the person greatly appreciates and values life, because it sees that each one fulfills its function fully, it is something very nice and fair, to see plants that fulfill their function of generating healing forces and food oxygen, to preserve living beings on planet earth where life Physics is in stock.

In the lower right part there is a woman’s face, called “Chuya Huarmi”, which means “Clean Woman”, this woman is an expert in the use of floral aromas. She indicates the invisible force of life present in all the forms found in the universe. In these free-flowing circles, as they accumulate there is abundant and lasting health embodying the art of curing chronic disease.

The flower that is observed in the lower central part of the work, carries the perfumes that symbolize the reproductive organs, because each petal indicates: root, leaf, flower, fruit and seed, and this does its work through the spirit, which works through the mind. One has to better learn the knowledge that ayahuasca gives us, remake the mind to introduce the new knowledge that the sacred plant gives us without being stubborn with what it teaches and shows us.

Everything is valid in life; you just need to know how to use it at the right time and in the right place.

Sanctuary of Onaya

In this visionary artwork we can see the shrine of the sublime master Onaya in this temple we can find the path to heavenly wisdom. The spirits encountered by the vegetalist in this journey are his masters, and from them he gets the entrance to the spiritual temple, which is composed of living pearls and precious gems. The columns of this sanctuary are made of flawless diamonds that can never be defiled.
Only the pure of heart enlightened by love, humility and wisdom can enter the magnificent and sacrosanct temple. In the water of the waterfall we see on the right side of the temple are the anguilamamas, who discharge electromagnetic rays that protect the sanctity of the temple. Also visible are the indigenous warriors who also act as guardians. The extraterrestrial ships at the top are from another galaxy and have traveled for thousands of years and visited many worlds to extract minerals and reach the Amazon jungle to receive vital energy.
The green patiquina in the lower right is used to represent a person’s lungs; the different shades of green from the edge of the leaf to its center indicate the state of the person’s lungs.
The hummingbird we see in this visionary work acts as a messenger. Its sweet trills are the most delicate and sublime icaros to sing to people seeking new strength or suffering from dreadful diseases. However, they must be sung with the utmost precision. These celestial spirits inhabit the palaces and temples at the top, where they gather to sing songs of worship.
Finally below is the sachamama (mother of the forest). She projects an electromagnetic rainbow symbolizing the elements that fertilize the plants. The healers in the ceremony are chanting the icaro of the sachamama to prevent the sorcerers from thwarting their work.

I am Jose Luis Vasquez Gonzales, known as JoLu Amaringo, I was born in the cradle of art on December 5, 1991, in the city of Pucallpa_ Peru, when my famous grandfather, the Peruvian painter International Amazonian Visionary Pablo Amaringo Shuña, flew to Japan to present one of his famous exhibitions on visionary and neo-Amazon art.

During my life in my grandfather Pablo Amaringo’s house with my father Juan Vasquez Amaringo and my mother Lidia Gonzales Laulate, I drank countless stories that I heard in frequent meetings around a table. I also drank the vocation for the art of painting.

I am very thankful to God for making me spiritual brothers and sisters, and that my paintings convey my love, energy and healing to each of you. Many blessings, peace, love and good health to all.

written by ©JoLu Amaringo

JoLu Amaringo and family of healers

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