La Rou de la fortune Erik Volet

The Human world intersects with those of animals, plants and the spirit world which is gestured towards. There are also beings halfway between these worlds—transitional beings with the ability to move through these different worlds with ease. Multiple time periods intersect & the world of myth and the past blends with the present-day time of contemporary reality.

Erik Volet

Reclining nude

Beggars Banquet

Woman in Blue Shawl and Poet’s Dream

Language of the Birds

Erik Volet (b. 1980) is a painter & illustrator from Canada who has exhibited in Canada, the US & Europe. As well as producing paintings he has published art books, made zines, illustrated books, and maintained a consistent involvement with painting murals on the street and in the public sphere. Influences, which continue to be important to his art practice are comic book art, graffiti, hip hop culture as well as surrealist theory and practice.


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