Suite for Monk, a Triadic Played by Heller Levinson 



lunge clump      canopy canister		fraught ganglia, chop
butterudder						back
								this way
twist turn				vertiginate
		swallow     swelter
claim cluster clank crank		rustle roundabout
                           c     l     a     m
	bustle break bother broke brother
	bother bustle break brother broke
ate		fables of late		bludgeon bark   bake
		   sleight slumber swell
	B Flat		line periphery-burst		stride
intervallic surge			sully sulk  skulk
feud fidelity
                    ferm             en
                   		  ta		tion



Mitchell Pluto inspired this Hinge to the Monk tune “Friday The 13th” Mitchell writes: One of my favorite tunes is Friday The 13th by Monk and Rollins, at first it takes the listener on a slant- a sort of drunk crab walk, and then the block chords, for me create a square spiral.

WOR studios 1953   thelonious Monk/Sonny Rollins
sloop-de-sloop whirl wind full intake reed fill throat splash slippery slant
peek-a-boo inebriate	peregrinate		in-
cubate 	square spiral boulder-roll stroll crab colossal 	 hi-hat crisp
chink snap crystalclarioncrystalline 	bosomy broth ivories wrought bath breadload beatitude	concuss allude	wedge hook link	sinkseepagelodge	
								laurel sling
								carrion fletch
				b e t r o t h 
	clump stump flummery block lump here
	come de Monk	scruff scamper liv-
ery lurch	paint a birch		fu-
rl fistful conflagrate agitate French horn ― fog-caster, frog-hopper ― conflate titillate aerate levitate brindle lop Bird-bop
							chordal congregation
							hymnal meditation
				scintilla aubergine
whisk brisk bask peculiar challenge the ruler
adumbrate gestate
spray a mandate
, man


       ganglion frieze chop
splash melodic purl surge
flirt slash the line tease conflate
the outer reaches skim borders
peripheries riff the mad notes cyclones
flush curling cuniculi mucid caves jettison spills
of color mutation migration never before
heard harmonic swoops triads
scribbled above bison head rage of
memory snarled rhythms stored in stone
circling and twirling a 
gathering of data raptorial fingers toolbox
of the soul aerial lift and poise
& strafe the keys
prey for salvation litanous chariots
a last chance passage
bump into the final
four bar essence is exhaustion
of complexity buck to the
ride cymbal 
bow to the bass

Heller Levinson is the originator of Hinge Theory.  His most recent books are Dialogics (Anvil Tongue Press, 2022), Lure, and jus’ sayn’ (Black Widow Press, 2022). His Query Caboodle and Shift Gristle are scheduled for a Spring 2023 release (also BWP). He lives in the Hudson Valley, NY.

written by ©Heller Levinson

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