Four Poems by Heller Levinson

The light of old things, of beautiful old things, awoke in me.
                                                -- Sherwood 

swathes wash-lift, titillative
	fibers twine through time,
		tangle through grasses, air,
			the storied
			the beheld

these old pliers, bruised, complacent,
loose, slackened by the exigencies
of labor, the perfume of application

seasoned armchair yellowing from
the fade of multitude, stuffed 
with the mnemonics of repose, the
armature of provision

spattering through the long cornfields sacred vessels
spring alive, drink the oil of the
corn, flutter to the western winds

things patinated,


Abyssal Eros

techy		telltale		totem
	odiferous refract
 calligraphic concert 

	a matter of teeth
upwards & out

doesn’t anyone say g l a d e anymore?

gloss the glimmer reef really
	hammockSplay		over-
tures daub mineral-rinse gyre
				cumulous curdle
formulate in flour
	acculturate spray

					love is pertinent to confusion
					meticulous punctuation is an expensive luxury

the floorboards rose,
		       then swallowed

written by ©Heller Levinson

Heller Levinson is the originator of Hinge Theory.  His most recent books are Dialogics (Anvil Tongue Press, 2022), Lure, and jus' sayn' (Black Widow Press, 2022). His Query Caboodle and Shift Gristle are scheduled for a Spring 2023 release (also BWP). He lives in the Hudson Valley, NY.

Featured Art Photo Grass Drawing for Sherwood Anderson by Linda Lynch

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