Be a Poem by Lorena Rioseco-Palacios


The sense
What are they worth?
Ties to Life the illusion of being special
That everything hidden will be revealed and bring peace
The fall
The vacuum
the tear
The torture of ignorance.
The worst of wheat
the howling of the cattle
The bark of the stubborn
The silence of the wise
(To whom God gave a name and assigned a Path)
Fall and worry our fate
Our truth the poppy has bloomed
The morphine has deadened the pain
But the power of God gives us the strength to continue… to continue


There are only two noises left
In the relaxed silences after the bloodless waters of the cold
There are only two noises left
Between the waking dream
Field where all the faded desires lie
While in his fury the candid blood
born in his look at the dawn
In your breathing relief
After the suns of August and the snows of July

There are only two noises left
My body knows its moment in the soul
Half bite and half die

There are only two noises left

Kisses and debauchery

What will become of so much love?
What will become of so much thirst?


I will lose myself as those sleepless nights are lost.
As the swallows fly uncertainly in their freedom.
Thus, like the breath drowned in a puddle of muddy tears
between slopes whipped by a harsh winter.
I’ll get lost on those dead end streets
in the midst of a time without stay.
Suffering soul
Deep sorrow of the soul.
I will write her name in crystals in the catacombs where lost loves lie
in each fragment deposited on a paper evicted from oblivion
between puddles of muddy tears on slopes whipped by a harsh winter.


As I watched the roll
roll of your wheels
I rolled off the ledges of cement buildings
There is no time…
Just muzzled birds
who observe my mourning of fluorescent colors
I’m looking for a bloody drink
Lower the face to the bottom
Bottomless background.
soul of lockdowns
absence of soul
there are no greens
SEPIA only…


Lonely my autumn sighs pass by
Lonely the night of stars without wicks

Of loves in transit to the corridor of oblivion
Presence of leaves dancing as our love faded
In the middle of our world
always unfinished
Present as the cold through my careless open windows

I live and die
I smile and agonize
I dance and fall on cement floors
in dark spaces
in adornment people

I wonder-

In what unknown wind do I find you?
In what shade of September?
In what square of yesteryear do you walk your nostalgia
your unlived times
your life in my absence
my presence not available
or our words always so petty?

Alone in the midst of eclipsing clouds
And suns that don’t kill

Alone in the siesta of the day
While the good runs adrift
In that ocean that I never get to cross

What’s up?-that nothing in me is enough
that my passing is the passing of a deaf bird in a night cloak of mirrors?

devoid of me
devoid of all
abandoned by my lyrics
Unable to happen in life
All that I no longer say


ruby meteorites
Imitate God’s Sediment

meaning to the air
that the air I lack

That I need one last sip of a great Syrah
To say, what my lyrics hide

The costume without forgetting
Your body smells like grapes and my body smells like you…

written by ©Lorena Rioseco Palacios

Lorena Rioseco Palacios

10.29.1969, Viña del Mar, Chile

Poet, narrator and reciter of the soul. Social Communicator, law graduate. At the end of 2015 she published her first book of poetry, stories and haiku “Ecos errantes” In 2016 together with 18 Chilean women poets she published her poetic work in the anthology “Mujeres al fin del mundo” (poetic voice of Chilean women), awarded by the Chilean Society of Writers with the “National Reading Fund”, with presence in all National Libraries. In 2017, together with outstanding national poets, he presents his work in the Anthology “Underworld¨ “Blood brother”, “Without borders” (Society of Writers “Without borders”. 2018), “ After poetry, in 2019 and “After Poetry: the festival of poetry”, in 2020 he publishes his work in the International Poetic Anthologies “Palabras Necessarios”, 2021, among others . The artist vigorously participates in literary, poetic, cultural and environmental dissemination activities. She also participates in different poetry forums, where she maintains a constant literary and poetic activism in social networks and groups of poets in America and Europe. In 2021, she publishes her second bilingual poetry book “Sé un poeta (be a poem)”. Since 2017 she is a member of the cultural corporation of writers and artists “Les enfants terribles” and of the Society of Chilean Writers (SECH). Poet invited to the II National Poetry Meeting, 2021.

Featured art photo Scyphomancy Oil on 9inx12in coldpress Mitchell Pluto 2022

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