Stitching Up Scars Alicia Lasne

I always knew that art would be part of my life. In one form or another. I was born in 1986 in Normandy, during my childhood I suffered from school phobia, then from anxiety disorder in adolescence. Imagination, poetry, drawing have always been a kind of protection against the chaos that reigns outside.

My father suffered from schizophrenia and my universe comes from this particular relationship with madness and disorder. In 2018 when my father committed suicide, I completely immersed myself in art. I still suffer from anxiety disorder, some days are harder than others, but one day at a time I am moving forward. Several months ago I started working with fabric. I sew human beings, nature, forests, rivers but above all I sew myself. This is what has changed in my new artistic work, I am no longer in the expression in traumas but in healing. It is much more than symbolic to sew. There is this idea of ​​stitching up scars.

written by Alicia Lasne

In this work, which dates from 2019-2020, there is the representation of madness, of the depths.

In this work, which dates from 2020-2021, there is a kind of acceptance of madness, of the darkness of the human soul.

Then finally, my current work, where we really see the change with this desire for healing

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  1. J’aime beaucoup ce travail, il résonne en moi grâce à ses couleurs vives, son dessin spontané, sa fraicheur, comme la rosée du matin; il me fait du bien, merci pour cette beauté offerte !

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