Beyond the Bone

it is a super kind of role
rotating archetypes
number equals avatar
all four won once
if you want to get elemental
around the table
occurring at intervals
snap shot to
a kinetic map
perception transfer
interface fidelity
contemplation points
an evidence board
but folded into
an icosahedron
edges linked by fiber optics
on invisible lines
as best they could trace
dice face are channels
dice face are mirrors
refraction may be
tubes of light
or if you prefer day stream
an almost calendar
in one lapidary being
an extraterrestrial of triangles
predeterminer and all
lets play
rotated and rolled
hyperstition is now
but also then
all ways
a mobile hot spot
every time
is space
our deep unknown ability
leads to where
wear leads
to dissolve dice
and sincerely know
the icosahedron remains spinning
all over time
an everlasting pattern
a rapidly occurring gem
the house of invention

written by Mitchell Pluto© December 11, 2021

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