scyphomancy with a touch of therianthropy

Written on September 18, 2021 by ©Mitchell Pluto

the cup reflected by the Pisces moon

was the rim where I sip

the moon’s abundant helium

my feet floated

I followed my paws

to the oracle

who spoke beyond the clover

who lifted

all periods

decimal points

conveying a flood of onomatopoeia


the lost spring of language


a con jury

empowering the lines of the triangle

balance and beauty

I am a mind

not alone

a prism between two women

one fire

the other

a ray of light

three points passionately


a stream of charged particles

warmth, love and vision

a charged link

lighter to lightest triangles

only the weight

my face

looking outside the mouth

of an ego

is a name with teeth

eating time in front of me

making a fence everywhere I stepped

with a plan to

organize all tree’s into things

I burn as brightly as

the interior of some hidden structure

that lives in the sun

and do not know that part

leaving a trail of items

in a landfill

the oracle whispered

in my ear

pollen and a gentle breeze

cottonwood seeds


a turquoise sky

we were inside

each other

ornamental patterns

hand, claw, fin, hoof, wing, tentacle

what we saw together

with the omnivoyant eye

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