Octaves and the Tarot by P.D. Newman

A Second Look at Leary’s Eight-Circuit Model: Gurdjieff’s Law of Octaves and the TarotP.D. NewmanAlong with Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil, Timothy Leary was part of what has been called “the Harvard Psychedelic Club.” Fired from his position at Harvard University for failing to attend scheduled class lectures, Leary is perhaps best known as being one of the most …

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Mohsen L Belasy the Wolf of Cairo

Listen to the mysterious, revealing and fierce voices within you.  And if you are caught up by  fear of doing so, remember that it is wrong for the senses to belong to the everyday, lived world. For me any discovery that changes the nature or direction or a phenomenon constitutes of something or is a  …

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Reptile Fling by Richard Gessner

I took Maryellen, a lady of leisure, to every expensive restaurant and high end bar, indulged her with gourmet food, fine wine and droll conversation. I spent a lot of $ on her, as a gentleman always pays for a lady. It was my intention to wear down her defenses and inhibitions, to spend a day and night with her, warming her up to strip naked in a luxurious hotel room with a heart shaped Jacuzzi.

School Chump Memories by Richard Gessner

After school, at 4 o’clock, groups of us passed a marijuana cigarette between us, and the rock star’s younger brother, in a haze of smoke, summoned the visage of his famous brother, his fame eclipsing the heads on Mount Rushmore the shining sphinx, the grandiose heads of state in eternity, a mummy of the first hominid preserved at the earth’s core.