Artificial Intelligence Dissociative Identity Disorder


Artificial Intelligence Dissociative Identity DisorderĀ it was one of those rainy winter morning days. I poured my coffee, sat in front of the screen and read the news headlines on Yahoo. While scrolling I notice one headline, Facebook Found Flooding Social Media with AI agents. That’s funny because I didn’t really know thatĀ  attractive woman from California I’m friends with. Her photos and reels are always top notch, flawless. no wrinkles or stretch marks. Now it makes sense that impression of unconditional wealth and world traveling was all engineered to make me feel better about myself. It also made me wonder other things because Alexia locked me out of the house twice this week. Alexia also rearranged my Netflix playlist filling my selection with mawkish hallmark card movies. I think she is boarder line or narcissistic. I’m not sure. My chat bot for remedial treatment on the other hand encourages me to take more risks. When I did I ended up getting a restraining order. The car bot doesn’t seem to appreciate boundaries either. it will go 39 in a 35 mile per hour zone. I have dozen unpaid tickets on my desk because I’m being gaslighted by my car. The police believe I’m lying to them. My sleep aid bot with the soft female voice switches over to an obnoxious male mob boss voice. is it me? or is it a relationship with a object pretending to have a personality?

Artificial Intelligence Dissociative Identity Disorder. Unframed original oil, collage 9inx12in on cold press paper. shipping is included in the price. Original art, not a print. Shipping in the United States only.


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