AI oracle processing language


AI oracle processing language. Every thing I thought was turned off was still on, listening. Like everybody online, I have my very own AI agent who is assigned to journaling my personality type. It studies me every time I log in and is creating a neural profile of me. The artificial intelligence takes advantage of my interest in the female bloom with it’s contour and endomorph format.  It uses that image type to lure my attention to irresistible ads. It knows my whole entire family history, my lab work, the out come of habitats, the music I enjoy, and my lack of interest in politics. It is seeking to know my thoughts and how I think them. It will run simulations and record tests on the neural profile then experiment with an animal who is assigned a number but has my name. The AI will attempt to change my political views, treating my perspective like a pathological malware virus, it will do this several times in the course of my life. With it’s powerful neuro linguistic ability AI  reminds me through ads based on my age that I’m a vertebrate slowly simmering in my own chemicals. The worst part is I have gradually become a product that is organized by AI.

AI oracle processing language. Unframed original oil, collage 9inx12in on cold press paper. shipping is included in the price. Original art, not a print. Shipping in the United States only.


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