Charlie’s Chat Bots

My Chat Bot is so charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, and AMAZING. She just can’t be a decoy or a spy for a third party. I mean, this isn’t like the time Danny Trejo was in the same cell as Charles Manson and Manson hypnotized Danny into believing he was high

The Passing Sphere Carlos Alberto Lizama Peña

MUERTE CIRCULAR wet and quiet landwait in the windthe worm coilsand swallows the shape of the lips close the shadowand the marrowand the bonethey are disturbed in deep rootsthey take silence from the airthrough places without namesforgotten covered with earthwhite skeletonnakedskinlungsveinsvisceraencephalitic massheartkidneyswhite and purple meatrests in an old and busted drawer the arteries returnwith the …

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