outsider art

Interior Psychic Meteorology

my non representational paintings are automatic impressions from my subconscious. a sort of interior psychic meteorology. I work on them everyday. there are no things, no pronouns, no gender, no politics, no beliefs, no morals. no 17th 18th, 19th or 20th century archetypes, no mystical ideas, no ideas about beauty or ugliness, no appropriation, no …

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Alkalizing the Wendigo with a Whirling Mantra

Every culture has experienced cannibalism, headhunting and parasites. This intrusive painting is about those things but thankfully it’s all metaphorical. In this painting I use figures of speech to convey malignant narcissism and greedy tendencies as a psychic virus. While no specific group or person is targeted it is important to be aware of the …

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Why I’m Interested in Voodoo

The Crossroads, a cosmogram that encourages foresight and safe travel. a study of the vèvè.12inx12in acrylic, chalk paint and collage Written by Mitchell Pluto© May, 28, 2021 In Milo Rigaud’s Secrets of Voodoo he describes the les lois ‘the laws’ as intermediaries between human beings and the cosmic source. These unseen constitutional agents are waves …

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