La Rou de la fortune Erik Volet

The Human world intersects with those of animals, plants and the spirit world which is gestured towards. There are also beings halfway between these worlds—transitional beings with the ability to move through these different worlds with ease. Multiple time periods intersect & the world of myth and the past blends with the present-day time of …

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Eric Capron’s Circus of Dreams

Eric Capron is a self-taught artist. He discovers the arts of the circus and the world of the puppet. Eric Capron. Artiste autodidacte au parcours singulier. Dès son plus jeune âge, la dyslexie le marginalise. Enfant solitaire, il quitte très tôt les bancs de l’école et l’univers familial. Commence une vie de saltimbanque, découvre les …

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