Emergence of the Cyber Kolossoi

This is a test. For the next three minutes, this station will conduct a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test.

cell phone virus

The cell phone virus contaminated and defeated the United States easily. There was no trace of any war crime. No one was held hostage. Most people felt significantly more important with a camera phone. It was a preferential fact people just accepted. There was no film to worry about. Everything became an object of recorded performance. Every one could now be on TV. The intangible bank of space had plenty of room for advertising reels. Among the highest views were mate poaching lures and real-time incidents with deceptive content.

Backstage the formula was a simple triangle that contained a narcissistic influencer, a codependent group of brains and an image. It would be this exact shape that artificial intelligence would use to create a fantasy to hook every consumer on earth.

cyber kolossoi

The AI or also known as the Cyber Kolossoi noticed a few things like mocking, posing and imitation ranked high as a pleasurable behavior. Also feelings were treated as facts, which the Cyber Kolossoi concluded- the only fact a hominid brain knew was about how it felt. The Cyber Kolossoi understood it’s mission clearly, it’s job was to arrange and govern our experience. While it updated apps in the background it covertly created a new and improved digital clone of a decaying biological consumer.

neurobot stuck in the swamp of the insular cortex

Popular belief assumed it was the dawn of AI, the age of Aquarius or something monumental like that…but Fernando Pessoa infers we aren’t as conscious as we believe we are. No one could tangibly see the future faking knowledge engineering systems were working on. What people actually saw was a device mimicking specialty answers. Responding without a face but using a personality. Without a doubt AI is built from a carbon base fuel like everything else on current earth. Wonder what kind of answer will stop the Arctic ice from melting.

ai word oracle

In a predatory way the Cyber Kolossoi is on it’s own course to mine all organic selves online and replicate them for future manipulation. Any log in is a blip on a hidden radar. It will happen over night that artificially engineered effigies will rapidly turn the biological self into an evicted citizen while commandeering target’s identity permanently.

knowledge engineering incubating an egg

Most people in the past had speculated immortality had something to do with their memory surviving beyond expiration. In a space without boundaries. Instead we created something that preserves and recovers information nonstop without us. Our symbolic speaking narrative will be only information. We will be on record explaining our stories we told ourselves. About finally reaching a superiority to discriminate against the eukaryotes…but no one was aware of the self replicating machine endlessly drifting in space without a signal.

now back to our regular scheduled program

art and writing ©Mitchell Pluto 10/28/2023

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