aquascaping with the golden ratio

Artificial intelligence dissociative identity disorder/Trastorno de identidad disociativo de la inteligencia artificial. oil/collage 9inx12in coldpress by Mitchell Pluto

aquascaping with the golden ratio

the body is an aquarium with organs

an electromagnetic phenomenon

a mosaic being

a sense of self

the 21 expressions on a face

like a cephalopod imitating texture

an aquarium manager is somewhere

is it the liver or kidneys?

we think behind the eyes

but I’m not sure which surface

because adjusting the shape of the glass reveals the floating eukaryotic into so many sections on the slide

it is a funny thought

a smile with teeth are simply, funny bones.

I will brush them for you

while I watch a reflection age a moment

beyond everything

eyes are antennas

pollinating around a glowing screen.

episodes, seasons and years

into rows and columns

dial the keypad and call

88 keys and 7¼ octaves

contemporary astronomers divide the sky into eighty-eight constellations

there are 118 known elements, maybe 119

much more will be learned later when we can contain the expensive future without it decaying as soon as it starts

meanwhile grouting thresholds together with calcium carbonate creates shells

and the phantom soup today is

a bunch of dendritic spines, some dopamine, a locus coeruleus and the ventral tegmental area is the recipe that helps the hippocampus to remember

that godot can’t answer the phone right now

but if you leave a message with your name and phone number

a triangular prism will be provided to you as soon as possible

written by ©Mitchell Pluto October 19, 2023

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